Magento 2 Extensions

Our Magento admin extensions & UI UX extensions are developed considering the Magento 2 standard programming practices. We have developed Magento extensions with an aim to make your and your customer's life easier. Our Magento 2 extensions are designed to enhance the Magento workflow and provide an additional feature which Magento lacks inherently. All Magento 2 extensions are developed with a clear goal to have a clean open source code, better quality and best performance.

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What Should Be Expected From Our Extensions

Whether you are an expert Magento developer or a non technical project manager, we have got you covered. You can select from our wide range of extensions, opt in for few services and we will get the extension running on your website.

Two year free upgrades

In an ever evolving Magento environment, keeping the website and the extensions upto date becomes imperative. All our extension's comes with two year free upgrade services. No additional upgrade fees need to be paid each time a new Magento version is released.
Two year free upgrades

We will be at your support

Whether you have bought an extension or are looking for the customization. Our team of expert Magento developer's will be at helm to guide you at every stage of development cycle.
We will be at your support

Easily customizable solutions

Our extensions are coded keeping in mind the uniqueness of each business. Each website might vary per business and needs to be customized. We have put our efforts to maintain a scalable architecture and clear readable code across all our extensions.
Easily customizable solutions