Store Locator Magento 2
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Store Locator Magento 2

Store locator helps user finding the direction of the nearest store. The extension is developed with GeoIP detection and Google Maps Direction that will match the exact coordinates, thus dropping store finder to accurate location easily.


  • Introducing “Geo IP” tracking of location based on the IP of the user.
  • Longitude and latitude for getting an accurate location of the store.
  • Radius option to search and list out the stores within a specific range.
  • Integrated with Google Maps Street View feature to provide you an interactive imagery view of stores.
  • Option to upload SVG image for store location and marker image.

Compatible with

2.3, 2.2, 2.1
Store Locator Magento 2
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The extension allows the user to add unlimited stores with the functionality of adding various tags to differentiate them. The extension helps the user to locate nearby central retail stores. It easily provides information about store name, the address of the store, phone number, hours of operation and services provided by the store, and sometimes directions to the location. Store locator shows the nearest offline stores.

The user can now enter longitude and latitude to get an accurate location of the store. With store locator extension user can easily find the nearest store location and obtain directions by specifying an actual address, zip-code and radius with a single click via Google Maps. To achieve optimized results, the extension has an option where users can specify the radius in miles and kilometers within which stores will be searched and listed out.

Features Full List

  • Introducing “Geo IP” tracking of location based on the IP of the user.
  • Auto-filling latitude and longitude of a location based on address.
  • Now display distance in miles or kilometers to the user.
  • Set default distance (Radius in Km/Miles) in back-end and our extension will automatically search your stores available in the range of default distance set.
  • A trio of functionality – Search by Tags, Search by Radius and Search by both tags and radius.
  • Import/Export feature for the store.
  • Map Directions option available for every store created.
  • Shows hours of operation of a store for all the 7 days of the week.
  • Displays payment modes available at store i.e. Cash, Debit/Mastercard.
  • Get best available directions to the store for modes of travel i.e. Driving, Walking, Transit, Bicycling.
  • Custom marker Geo pin used as a symbol for indicating the destination.
  • Offering number of radius distances to adjust the search range of locator.
  • Multiple Store and Multiple Website supported.
  • The user can upload SVG images for location and marker image.
  • Google Maps Street View functionality provides an interactive imagery view of different stores to users.
Features Full List

How To Use

How To Use
  • Login into Magento Admin Panel and click on "Store Locator" located on left side of page and then click on "All Store Location".
  • Click on "Create New Location" button and fill necessary details (Basic Detail, Location Status, General Detail, Schedule Detail) and then click on "Save Location" button.
  • Go to Store Locator >> Locator Settings and fill Google API Key, Tag(s), User's Radius Options and click on "Save Config" button
  • If you want to import store location from csv then Go to Store Locator >> Import Location then select "Store Locator Import" from "Entity Type" dropdown and then import, check User guide for get better idea.
  • If you want to export then Go to Store Locator >> All Store Location then select your store and then Export to: CSV and click on "Export" button, check User guide for get better idea.


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  1. Excellent Plugin
    We bought the plugin, installed and configured, made few css changes, did data entry and it was ready to run on LIVE in under 12 hours.

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Release Notes

Version 1.0.0 (Released on Oct 1st, 2018)
  • Introducing "GeoIP" tracking of location based on IP of user.
  • Auto-filling latitude and longitude of location based on address.
  • Geo IP option can be enabled and disabled.
  • Selected Radius/Distance can be highlighted in map based on configuration.
  • Google Maps Street View functionality provides interactive imagery view of different stores to users.