• Error when I tried to manage the categories and the images

    Hi, I solved the problem. Before to install this extension I tried another ones and seems there were some conflicts between them. Now the extension it's working properly.

  • Pop Up Not Working

    We have reviewed your website and found the pop-up is not working due to JavaScript conflicts on your website. The jQuery version used is jquery-1.4.2 which is very old version of jQuery. Also we see you have not loaded the latest jQuery included in our extension from the admin ie: jquery-1.10

    To resolve the conflict you should replace the older version of jquery ie: 1.4.2 with latest jQuery library.

    If the problem still remains you can send us the FTP details of your server on our support email and we will look into it.

  • parse error

    We have tested the extension thoroughly from our end, it is working perfectly fine. It seems there is a parsing error on your website, If you have made modification in the file, please verify if all the curly braces are properly closed especially on line 208. If all braces are fine, then there might be an unwanted space prevailing near line 208 or at the end of your file. Could you please remove and check it out.

    We have updated the extension resolving some of the code formatt issue. Please reinstall the extension and check out, Your problem should be resolved. If the problem still prevails please email us your FTP credentials. We will resolve it for you.

  • Not working on magento on magento 2.1.2

    Our extension has been tested on Magento 2.1.2. It is working completely fine. Could you please share with us your exact problem along with website credentials and server details for us to review and help you out.

  • I have been using this extension for a couple of weeks without issues until I tried to set the expiration to 1 hour on the cookie. Now the home page asks over and over; and each internal page asks at page load. Is there something you can suggest to fix i

    We have checked the configuration from backend. There is a small bug in extension. Currently the values entered in configuration screen for cookie interval is considered in seconds and not in hours. For now, to set the cookie expiration to 1 hour, could you please follow below steps:

    1) Goto Stores >> Configuration >> Vsourz >> Ageverification Pop-up 2) Set value for Cookie interval to "3600"

    We will upload the updated package soon. You can update your package if required from Marketplace.

  • this extenstion is not working on magento 2.1.2 . After installing an recompiling frontend as well as backend (if accessing config page for module) shows error messages.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Our extension has been tested on Magento 2.1.2. It is working completely fine after compilation and recompilation. Could you please share with us the error message you are getting while accessing config section for our team to review and help you out?

    Also, please share your server and website credential on our support email. Our team will get back to you asap.